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Website design is a lot more than simply making  a good-looking or fancy website, we’ve come across various types of websites and seen how some of them made us just stop and think. Many websites focus on their functional design, sticking  to the branding of the company  for the colour scheme and images. But there are still some who break the boundaries and stand out in the world making  their own irreplaceable place.

Lets take a look at the leading or top 5 websites on Internet, which struck us being in the forefront of great web design with their aesthetics, usability and interactivity.

Airbnb  is an online marketplace that connects people who want to rent out their homes with people who are looking for accommodations in the locale.  It currently covers more than 100,000 cities  and 220 countries worldwide. The company’s name comes from “air mattress B&B.” The primary call to action, i.e. to search for rooms, is right in the centre of the homepage, and stands out boldly from the white background. It also has a number of suggestions beneath, so you can get inspiration for your next trip.

ETQ  is an Amsterdam based shoe company, etq was derived under the mindset of eliminating  over-accessorized branding  and focusing  primarily on letting quality of the product speak for itself. The navigation works simply by scrolling down the homepage to each of their products, and the animations are beautifully smooth. There is a subtle burger menu that can be accessed by clicking the icon on the top left, and this provides concise information about their company and shoes.

If you are ready to spend time with joy Woven Magazine is a great option for you. Another minimalist site, Woven allows their articles  to take centre stage, as well as being self navigable. They also focuses on visual and utilities  scrolling effects, to make their site immersive, impressive, slick and easy to use.

Swab The World’s website is a great example of utilising modern technology and the hardware capabilities of our smart devices. Apart from the great branding, the use of animation through out the entire site contribute an immersive user experience that keeps visitors on the webpages for longer  This website uses its simple navigation to visualise storytelling, from their mission to the history of the foundation.

Last but not the least is A24, is there anyone who doesn’t want entertainment? Then you should checkout A24, is an independent entertainment company. Again, they use big bold images that transform into videos as you scroll over, with very little text ensuring they get their visual message across. Specialising in film production, A24 want their movies to take centre stage, so big screenshots with the title of the film draw you in to learn more.

Hey now what are you waiting  for, lets check out these outstanding creations and explore the world of creativity in your own spaceship. We hope you have reached to the conclusion that your website needs a breath of fresh air and a technical facelift. Lets break those boundaries and create the next history.



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