Whether you are an artist, small business owner, photographer, writer, consultant or any belong to any other profession you need a website to boost your career and market your product digitally. If there is a website you need a website builder, even if you don’t know how to code. Lets check out the trending website builders of 2021


Wix is the most popular choice among web designers and it is known for its great design freedom. The most important thing to notice in Wix is it has an unstructured editor. Wix offers over 500+ designer templates and it provides a great SEO and social tools. It delivers free as well as premium plans.

Squarespace is known for its large variety of prepackaged design and templates. It can also be described as the state of the art templates. Also you can create a website very easily. It offers features like: template customization, blogging, scheduling software, photo galleries and even more unusual features like podcast hosting and donations.

Shopify is a best ecommerce builder. It is highly recommented  for ecommerce websites. If you own an online store shopify is a great option for you. And the main feature of shopify is that it continuously launches new features such as Shopify Payment, Shopify Augmented Reality and Shopify Fulfilment. Shopify is powerful and intuitive but learning it takes time.

WordPress is a popular open source content management system(CMS). We use WordPress to design our websites. It allows you to install any wordpress theme or plugin if you are on one of their expensive plans. It is best suited for blogging. It provides beautiful and customizable designs , also it is suited for fast and secure hosting. They also provides 24/7 support and service from their team.

Are you a beginner ? Want to know the basics of website designing ? Then GoDaddy is a great platform for you. GoDaddy is known for its easy to use feature. Also its website builder has dramatically improved over the last few years. Overall its easy to use but limited. Its really easy to use who doesn’t know how to code.  Its main drawback it doesn’t provide style customization. It also lacks basic ecommerce features. It provides no frill websites.

If you doesn’t feel you are a techie SquareOnline is a best option for you. Its an easy to use website builder. Its not so powerful as Shopify but it provides good ecommerce features. Their impressive suite of  ecommerce features are easy to use. It has the best free plan of any website builder and it includes plenty of features and even free phone support. The only notable limitation is limited customization – you can only add sections to a page and can’t add individual elements .

Webflow has a learning curve – takes timeto learn but its powerful. It gives flexibility in frontend coding without requiring you to code.  Webflow is an outstanding custom design tool. You can design your own themes from scratch with no constraints. It is one of the only website builders to include a full CMS that lets you define custom collections with fields like rich text, photos, files and more. As we discussed it has a learning curve, you will need to understand the fundamentals of web design, but fortunately we have their own YouTube Channel to learn it

Build your own website using an appropriate website designer

You may not be a web designer or a professional coder – that’s where the website designer comes in. They facilitate you to create a website according to your choice, accessible to others with their stunning features regardless of you know to code or not. Using these website features you can create a classy and professional website for your profession, store or product.

Now check out which type of website you need a ecommerce website, a blogging website or any other and then choose an appropriate and affordable website builder to give life to your imagination….



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